Posted by: lauraldawn | June 1, 2009


As a special “Mommy-Matt Date” I took my 5 year old to see the movie “Up!” today.
Obviously we love all things Disney (as a rule), but I have to admit that I didn’t love Wall-E as much as many people, including my son and husband, did.
But, when I saw the trailer for Up! and we had some free time, and I’ve been feeling like lately Matt’s been a pretty awesome kid, I thought why not.
So, off we went as a special treat.
I loved this movie. I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t read reviews. I pretty much only knew that there was a house with balloons attached to it and that there was a talking dog. That’s it.
I’m glad I went in without knowing anything because the surprise of it was wonderful.
I laughed one minute and cried the next. It wasn’t really sad, but it was touching. As great as the animation was, the storyline was better. And I want to see it again!!!!
Matt seemed to enjoy it also. There was one moment where he was overwhelmed, but it coincided with my need for a bathroom break, so we popped out of the theatre for a couple of minutes and then everyone was happy and fine.
It was a wonderful end to a fun and busy weekend.
we had our usual crazy weekend: karate lessons, a playdate, a trip to the gym, grocery shopping, planting a garden, and a bunch of other fun stuff. But, it’s the time of year where that happens and it was nice to take a deep breath and enjoy a movie.



  1. Congrats on the new digs! Great that you’re blogging again! I cannot WAIT to see this movie! 🙂

  2. I’ve read a lot of reviews, and this is the first one that mentioned a kid being overwhelmed…. can you email me to tell me about the scene? I’m thinking about taking my daughter, but I don’t want her to be freaked out by her first theatre movie.

  3. I really want to see this movie too. Such a great premise and an unlikely hero. I didn’t really like Wall-e either.

  4. Holy cow! You had a busy weekend 🙂

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