Posted by: lauraldawn | June 16, 2009

Tip Tuesday

I had planned to blog way more than I have been lately. But, the combo of being sick, a busy workload, a lot of time at the gym … and Twitter – well, I’ve been a little remiss.
But, of course I have tips!! It’s tip Tuesday.
If anyone has travelled to Walt Disney World with a baby, you’ll know that it is a magical experience that is exhausting. Disney does a ton of stuff to make things easier for parents – the baby care centres are amazing. There are change tables everywhere, and cast members seem to love babies (even when they are screaming).
But, this tip is for before you go.
Plan to bring both a stroller (one that folds well) and also a baby carrier. I liked the Bjorn.
Here’s the tip.
If you are going to use a baby carrier, before you go PRACTICE!
I was very grateful that in the weeks leading up to our first family trip, we went for nightly walks. The purpose of this was to not only get Matt ready to do lots of walking, it was also to get my back muscles ready to cart the baby in a Bjorn. No matter how strong or fit you are, and no matter how ergonomic your baby carrier, your body needs to be used to carrying your baby in a carrier.
We went for nightly walks.
We discovered that not only did I get used to keeping Coco in the Bjorn, because we went for walks in the evening, putting her in the Bjorn lulled her to sleep.
When we went to the World Coco spent many many hours in the Bjorn and my back could manage it all. When we went back in May (Coco was 13 months) she again travelled in the baby carrier a lot.
Definitely worth the effort.

Totally manageable when you wear your baby!

Totally manageable when you wear your baby!


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