Posted by: lauraldawn | June 23, 2009

Tip Tuesday … My Obsession

I’ll confess, when it comes to Disney Travel … and pretty much my entire life – I’m obsessed with Ziploc Bags!
When packing for Disney I read a tip to organize clothes in Ziplocs. The theory is you can get rid of the excess air and clothes stay less wrinkly. This is true.
Added bonus – if you have a Sharpie you can label the bags. And you can re-use them.
Admittedly, I use them all the time. For everything.



  1. Ok, HI! I’m a fellow Ziplock lover. In fact, I’m thinking I should buy stock in the company or something! 🙂

  2. I also LOVE ziplocs. They’re not only handy but give me some sort of reassurance that whatever I put in them will stay uncontaminated – i.e. I sometimes will carry loose cd’s in them and feel secure that they won’t get scratched.

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