Posted by: lauraldawn | August 19, 2009

The Cleanse (dunh dunh dunh)

So this week has sucked.

Surprised? Forget that there’s some ridiculous hurtful drama that I’m trying to deal with outside of cleansing, there’s the cleanse itself.

I’m not sure what part of me thought it would be fun and/or easy. It’s not fun. It sucks. The food is restrictive, and I’m not seeing a huge difference when it comes to the cleansing pill. I had one unfortunate incident, but I was okay, and on I went with life.

My trainer isn’t exactly thrilled with the cleanse. In fact, it was more of  “please eat a protein bar you’re shaky” and we moved on. Apparently my colon is relatively clean. I haven’t lost a pound, and giving up sugar for a week is akin to scratching my eyes out. Seriously.

My husband turned a blind eye when I broke into the Oreos and chocolate chips. That’s just the way I roll and I can’t change that. Really.

I’m still doing the cleanse. I’m still keeping to it somewhat with the addition of another cup of a coffee (or 2). But, hey, I’ve avoided alcohol all week (partly cause, you know, my friends went out without me… nice) but there’s that. Thanks, friends, I’m so sure that you were looking out for the cleanse.

Okay. It’s a bad week.

Would I do a cleanse again? I don’t know. I think the way to make the cleanse effective would really be to go to an Ashram and be only given the food and do all the walks and all of that. And, really, am I an Ashram person? Nope. Maybe the Biggest Loser. If the Biggest Loser were a Canadian show I would so sign up. Because other than the challenges I would totally not have access to all the crap. Also I wouldn’t be working out at 4 am. Or maybe I would.

So, the cleanse – not my thing. And I have a few more days to go. Lucky lucky me.



  1. Oy! Be strong!

  2. ugh. Sounds horrid. I really hope that the rest of the week is better for you. More coffee and sugar sounds good to me!
    Take care LD, hugs.

  3. Cleanse Schmenz. If you are eating a healthy diet (which you are) and are working out (which you are) your body is cleaning itself just fine. Now go have a cold beer and some sweet potato fries 😉

  4. Sorry to hear that it isn’t as good as you had hoped. I hear ya about the Biggest Loser, I would so love to do something like that!

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