Posted by: lauraldawn | August 25, 2009

And Life Goes On


That cleanse post was BLEAK. Sorry about that. Give me a stressful week and tell me I can’t eat chocolate, drink, and eat processed foods and you get me … in pieces.

I realized reading that – and talking to my trainer – that the cleanse wasn’t for me. I’m not knocking all cleanses. We’re now talking about doing it again – with more preparation. We’ll see. It was tough.

But, the week of cleansing gave me some insight on me. And I realized that I need to let some stuff go. I’m working hard to be strong and healthy. The extra couple of pounds on the scale … well who cares? Really. I do. But I don’t. I like what I see at the gym. So that’s fine.

As for my idea of going to WDW for a day – I’m not. I debated it far too much, and realized that I’d be away from my family too long – probably 5 nights. It’s not that I feel the horrible Mommy guilt. Trust me – I’d be on a plane in a second for a weekend away. It’s just that there’s sooooo much involved. And, I think what I’m asking of my husband is more than I’d want him to ask of me. Chloe is just not at a stage where we can really even sit her in front of Dora while I go to the bathroom. So, I think that leaving her to Mike, and also asking him to be in charge of Matt, in the first couple of weeks of school … it’s a lot.

So, I’ll wait till it makes more sense. Till I feel okay with it. Disney will still be there. And you can bet I’ll be there. When the time is right.



  1. Not everything is for everyone! Kuddos to you for trying something new.

  2. Hey,

    I never got to ask… How did that whole cleanse thing work out? Was it you that picked it, or your trainer? Was it difficult? Did you get through it again after preparation?

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