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Tip Tuesday – enjoy the theme!

Disney loves a good theme!
All their hotels and restaurants have a theme. My tip – go wild!!!

I went totally Hawaiian!

I went totally Hawaiian!

When we had dinner at OHana we all went with a Hawaiian theme (and ordered appropriate drinks!)
If you have kids it’s super easy to dress them thematically – from princesses to pirates


Really. It’s easy and fun. Just don’t go overboard.
There were some little boys who were dressed like Prince Charming and Matt would never have gone for that.
There are beautiful princess dresses you can buy for girls, but Chloe would have tripped on it. So, go wild … with caution.
And have fun!
Where else can you dress in wacky clothes and totally fit in?

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Wordless Wednesday – Coco and Mickey

Meeting Chef Mickey - Coco loves him!

Meeting Chef Mickey - Coco loves him!

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Tip Tuesday … The Unofficial Guide

Me as a Disney Tourist

Me as a Disney Tourist

The one thing you must not travel without is your Unofficial Guide to Disney World (
I sware this is not an ad!
This book is your ultimate reference guide to the World. It does everything from share the best touring plans for the parks to advice on restaurants.
The book is huge, so buy it early and memorize it! The cut out the plans and bring them to the parks.
We relied on this book heavily.
Without a joke, I think this book is what kept Mike and I from arguing our way through vacation. Instead of trying to decide what attraction to do, we just consulted the guide. LOVE it!
And the picture? That’s me in my full on Disney touring outfit. I have the Guide, the camera and the hip pack. What you can’t see is that my entire family was dressed in red that day. You’d understand why IF YOU READ THE BOOK!!!

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As a special “Mommy-Matt Date” I took my 5 year old to see the movie “Up!” today.
Obviously we love all things Disney (as a rule), but I have to admit that I didn’t love Wall-E as much as many people, including my son and husband, did.
But, when I saw the trailer for Up! and we had some free time, and I’ve been feeling like lately Matt’s been a pretty awesome kid, I thought why not.
So, off we went as a special treat.
I loved this movie. I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t read reviews. I pretty much only knew that there was a house with balloons attached to it and that there was a talking dog. That’s it.
I’m glad I went in without knowing anything because the surprise of it was wonderful.
I laughed one minute and cried the next. It wasn’t really sad, but it was touching. As great as the animation was, the storyline was better. And I want to see it again!!!!
Matt seemed to enjoy it also. There was one moment where he was overwhelmed, but it coincided with my need for a bathroom break, so we popped out of the theatre for a couple of minutes and then everyone was happy and fine.
It was a wonderful end to a fun and busy weekend.
we had our usual crazy weekend: karate lessons, a playdate, a trip to the gym, grocery shopping, planting a garden, and a bunch of other fun stuff. But, it’s the time of year where that happens and it was nice to take a deep breath and enjoy a movie.

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Wordless Wednesday

Mickey hopscotch - Matt loved it!

Mickey hopscotch - Matt loved it!

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Tip Tuesday

Day of the week sign

Day of the week sign

I’ll admit it. I’m not that great at following the daily blog posting ideas (Wordless Wednesday, etc). But tip Tuesday may just work for me. I love my Disney tips!
My tip for today …
Make daily signs for your Disney trip.
When we went in July I made signs that said “Disney Monday”, “Disney Tuesday” and I took the kids’ pictures with them.
Everyone teased me about it.
But, when we returned and went through the thousands of pictures we had taken they thanked me, because due to those signs we were able to remember what outfit we wore on which day.
Also, if you lose your child in the parks you can scroll back to that picture and know exactly what he or she wore.

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My History with Disney

PrincessBelieve it or not, my most recent trip to Disney is the second I have taken with my children!
When Coco was 3.5 months old (so little) and Matt was 4 we went to Disney with my parents and my sister’s family.
We had an amazing time and that was when my love of the World was reborn.

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Healthy in the Mickey Ears House

Here’s a confession.
There’s nothing worse than getting Disney pics back and kind of hating how you look in them.
Of course I LOVE the pictures of my kids, but some of the pictures of me? Let’s be honest. I’m glad we can edit photos.
I had a baby 14 months ago (where did the time go?) and I’m still showing the effects of both kids. In some pictures I look pregnant (I’m not) and others I just look awkward.
And, I hate that.
So, a little over a week ago I made a commitment to look good for our next trip to Disney.
I went and joined a new gym, hired a trainer, and I’ve been working my butt off. Trust me.I can barely move! But, it feels amazing. I feel like I’m doing something about this instead of feeling sorry for myself and my post-baby body.
Not that this is all for Disney, but I need a timeline and a goal to work toward. That’s it.
To keep me motiviated here’s what I do:
I use my refillable Disney Mug. At the resorts you can purchase re-useable mugs that you fill at the resort (pop, coffee, lemonade, hot chocolate). We loved those mugs when we were there, and nothing gets me motivated like seeing Mickey in the morning. He’s smiling unlike my morning-hating trainer!
My gym bag is a bag I bought at Disney. It’s bright orange and has hula dancing Mickey’s. I know.Crazy. But, it’s a great bag, and it reminds me of my goal. Each and every day.
Here’s the dorkiest of all. When we stayed at the Poly I kept all the mini shampoos/conditioners/body washes that they gave us each day. I actually loved the shampoo, and it’s the perfect size for my gym bag.
Finally, I reward myself each day with a spritz of the perfume I bought at the resort. The Poly has a Hawaiian theme, and they have this mild coconut pineapple perfume that you can buy. Normally I don’t go for that scent combo, but when I saw it, the smell just reminded me of vacation. It helps that Mike loves the smell also, and my perfume sensitive kids also like it. The other day my colleague said that I smell like vacation. It’s true.

The other benefit of these fitness endeavours? The enthusiasm is spreading.
My hubby and I joined the gym together (though we go at different hours!) and he’s been working out too. This is a commitment to both of us, and we both want to like ourselves. His enthusiasm encourages me, and I hope mine encourages him.
And, who knows if this is a coincidence, but the other day Matt decided to go back to karate lessons. My five-year old has a white belt, and he is really proud of how well he can do karate. He took a break from classes when he adjusted to junior kindergarten, but he recently asked to go back. He’s doing so amazingly well. I couldn’t be prouder of him. Next time we’re in Disney I’m looking for a Mickey Karate stuffed animal.

So, am I the only person who’s losing weight for Mickey? Anyone else plan their diet around vacations?it's all About the Mickey Bar

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Welcome to my new place on the web … Mommy wears Mickey Ears!
Some of you may have followed me from my previous blogs, and if you have … thank you!
If you don’t already know me, let me introduce myself! I’m Laural (or LauralDawn or LD).I’m married to an amazing guy
and I have a son who is 5 and a baby girl who turned 1 at the end of March.
I’ve always loved Disney, but in the summer I rediscovered my love of all things Disney when I had the chance to visit
with my parents and my sister’s family. Some people thought I was crazy to travel to the World with an infant and a
4-year-old, and maybe I was.
But, we had an amazing time, and my love of Disney was reborn.
I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now, but I needed a fresh start, something fun to talk about, and hopefully
readers who enjoy all things Disney … or are willing to learn!

Oh … and one more thing. I’m Canadian. So, you may start hearing me use some crazy words like celsius, Tim Hortons,
and Kilometre. But, bear with me.
I hope you love reading what I have to write, and I hope you come back and visit often.

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